WHO are we?
We are a passionate experienced team.

Specialising in customer experiences & brand development, we combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver disruptive digital solutions on a worldwide scale. 

Our services

Wide range options just right for your successful project.


Award winning brands are born here. Let’s create together an everlasting brand that will match your dreams & ideas.

Web development

Create a modern website that complies to all new technological standards in order to achieve the maximum result.

UI / UX Design

Either Web or Mobile UI, the experienced team of designers will create the most user friendly experience for your customers.


PROTONS’ awarded Photographers are making our life beautiful by providing us the most spectacular images of your company.

Digital strategy

A proper Digital Strategy will accompany and raise your brand in the Digital channels of marketing.


The technology of our websites will guarantee the responsiveness on all platforms that exist now and will exist in the future.

last project
Northen Greece’s biggest hospitality group assigned us to create and manage all digital presence. From recreating the brand till the new websites and social media presence. Google Adwords campaigns empowered communicating the project across the globe.
Awards | Certifications
Google Partner
Reputation Management in a Digital World
Curtin University
Reputation Management Greece
Google Developer Scholarship 2017 – 2018
Silver A’ Design Award 2015
Google Trusted Photographer
Why Protons
Protons are one of the smallest particles in universe, always positive and always evolving. Despite protons’ small size they manage to keep the natural forces in balance! So are we! Always positive, always evolving, always creative!
Welcome to the Protons Lab.
Our team of Digital Enthusiasts 
We work hard. We play hard. We make the job done.
Dimitris Lazaridis


Lives and breathes in the digital world, Google loyal lover,
awarded graphic designer, digital evangelist.

Nancy Michailidou

Copywriter / Social Media expert

Infinite inspiration and endless humor, a bon viveur of the digital era.

Miranda Smoulioti

Copywriter / Radio Producer / Voiceover Artist

One of the most recognizable voices on radio airwaves, kind and passionate.

Kostas Amiridis

Light Capturer and Collector

Photographer & Videographer, passionate to create the best picture, restless professional.

Anastasios Ntougkas

Law Department

Dedicated his life in child abuse protection with experience in digital law and reputation management issues.

M.J. Vosniak


Our gatekeeper, controls the cash flows and keep us financial healthy.

Since 1999 we came so far
Our team is highly experienced by working in digital business the latest 18 years. We created hundreds of new brands and worked in an outstanding number of projects. Sometimes it’s not only the destination that counts but the journey it self.
Projects delivered
Miles we traveled
Team Parties
Awesome clients

We have a unique story with each client.

Let’s create something awesome together

Welcome the digital era.

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Email: welcome@protons.gr
Website: www.protons.gr

Work with us
We are always looking for new passionate people that have the joy of working with teams and love the digital world as much as we do.
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91052 Erlangen